Charting a Watchlist

There are a few ways to chart the tickers in a watchlist as a group.

1. From the Table, right-click on the desired watchlist in the Navigation pane and select Chart.


2. Click on Chart in the Watchlist panel of the Watchlist Manager.

watchlist manager

3. Click on Chart Watchlist in the Watchlist Actions panel of the Watchlist Manager.

watchlist manager

Stock Rover charts the watchlist as if it were a portfolio with an equal dollar weighting for each holding. Additionally, via internal rebalancing, the equal weighting is maintained each day of the period that the watchlist is charted. Below we see a watchlist’s performance charted against the S&P 500 benchmark over a 1-year period.

watchlist manager

If you entered charting from the Watchlist Management window, you can get back to Watchlist Management via the Browser back button or by clicking on ‘Watchlists’ in the vertical Start menu located on the left side of the screen.

To learn more about charting please see the Charting Overview.

Creating a Watchlist Importing a Watchlist