Charting a Portfolio

There are a couple of ways to chart a portfolio.

1. From the Table, right-click on the desired portfolio in the Navigation pane and select Chart.


2. Click on Chart vs Benchmark in the Portfolio panel of the Portfolio Manager.


Stock Rover charts the return values based on the weighting of each ticker in the portfolio. The weighting is based on the size of the holding of that ticker relative to the size of the overall portfolio.

Portfolio charting accounts for trades. The chart events option will display portfolio activity on the chart.

Portfolio charting uses a time-weighted return, meaning the percent change on every day is equally weighted, regardless of the relative dollar amount in the portfolio.

The screenshot below shows the chart of a portfolio along with the S&P 500 as a benchmark.


You can you add additional comparison tickers in the chart to compare the portfolio’s performance to selected stocks, ETF’s, other benchmarks or even other portfolios. All charted portfolios assume dividend reinvestment, even if the Chart’s ‘Adjust Price for Dividends’ setting is not selected. To learn more about charting please see the Charting Overview.

If you entered charting from the Portfolio Management window, you can get back to Portfolio Management via the Browser back button or by clicking on ‘Portfolios’ in the grey menu bar on the left.

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