Change Plan

To change or cancel your plan, go to the dropdown menu with your account name found in the top righthand corner of the Stock Rover screen and select Change Plan.

If you are a Free user, you will be taken to our website where you can sign up one of our three Premium plans, Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus. Each plan can be subscribed to as a monthly, yearly or 2-year plan.

If you are already subscribed to one of our Premium plans, Change Plans will open a new window where you can change your plan:

Change Plane

Most of the changes can be implemented automatically by the Stock Rover subscription processing software. You will receive a confirmation email describing any changes you have made. If the plan change is complex and can’t be handled automatically by the subscription software, then a Stock Rover team member will contact you via email to confirm and implement your requested change.

If you have canceled a Premium plan subscription, you will continue to have use of the Premium features associated with your plan through the paid period. After that, your account will automatically revert to a Free account. As a reminder, we do not issue refunds.

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