Add Tickers to the Quotes List

Tickers can be added to the Quotes List a couple of different ways.

On way to add tickers to the Quotes List, is to simply begin typing the ticker symbol or company name into the searchbox where it says ‘Add Ticker…’ in the Quotes list and then select from the search results that appear, as shown below. The numeric value next to Quotes is the number of active tickers you have selected.

find quotes

Another way to add to the Quotes List is to use the Enter Ticker box which is available at the top of every page as seen in the screenshot below. The process is the same you simply begin typing the symbol or company name in the box and you can select it from the results.

Note if you enter a ticker, and your Quotes list is off (i.e. the switch next to Quotes is in the off position), then Stock Rover will auto-select the Quotes list in the Navigation Panel and will change the data set you are viewing to Quotes. If Quotes are on, then adding a ticker will simply add it to the current data set you are viewing.

find quotes

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