Library Overview

The Library is a repository of a variety of different investment research resources that can be imported into your Stock Rover account for your own investment research use. The library contains a variety of screeners, model portfolios, watchlists, views, metric packages, custom metrics, and research links. Any item in the Library can be imported into your Stock Rover account, and you can import several items at once.

Note that for screeners, based on the capability of the screener, a given screener may only work in the Premium plan or the Premium Plus Plan. The plan column in the library will indicate this. Additionally, custom metrics and metrics packages are only available in the Premium Plus Plan.

To access the Library, select Library in the grey selector menu, see screenshot below.

Library Menu

Importing from the Library

The Investors’ Library contains the following categories:

  • Screeners
  • Portfolios
  • Watchlists
  • Views
  • Metric packages for the chart
  • Custom metrics for the table and screening
  • Research links (for the Links tab in the Insight panel)

To browse all of the items in one of these categories, select a category on the left in the ‘Types’ panel, which will populate the right-side panel with any items in the library of that type. When you select an item, its description will appear in the panel below. You can sort the library items by name, creator, or creation date by clicking on the column headers.


You can search for any item in the library by using the search box on the right of the Library window. When you enter in your search terms, any results that match by name, creator, or description of the selected type will appear below. Currently you cannot search by the contents of an item in the library.

Check an item’s box under the ‘Import’ column to add it to the list of items to be imported. You can import multiple items of different types. In other words, you can check several items to import, and then browse other categories before importing all items. When you are ready to import your selected items, click the Import button at the bottom.

Note if an item’s row is greyed (or dimmed) out and italicized this means you already have an item with that name in your Stock Rover account. You can still import this item, but it will overwrite the existing item and restore to default.