Brokerage Connection Basics

When you connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house, Stock Rover will keep the positions in your brokerage account in sync with positions in the corresponding Stock Rover portfolio. This is done automatically every night and whenever you log in to Stock Rover. You can also manually request a sync anytime you are logged into your Stock Rover account. Connecting your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house is the easiest way to keep your portfolios up to date.

There are two steps in the brokerage connection process. First, you must connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house(s), via Yodlee, a trusted third party service. Once connected, you can map portfolio accounts within a brokerage house to Stock Rover portfolios. You have complete control over which portfolios in your brokerage house are mapped to which Stock Rover portfolios. You can also unlink individual portfolio accounts while remaining connected to your brokerage house. By default, all the portfolios in any brokerage house to which you connect (per user ID/password) will be added as a linked portfolio in Stock Rover. The information in this How-To guide will show you how to add brokerage houses, change portfolio linkages, and remove accounts.

If you would like to connect to Interactive Brokers, we provide an alternate direct feed for this brokerage. Users that are interested in linking to Interactive Brokers should email Interactive Brokers at Be sure to include your account number, and request a Stock Rover feed.

Yodlee Brokerage Search

Connect to Brokerage House

To connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage account(s), select ‘Brokerage Connect’ in the left hand grey selector menu under Portfolio Tools. You can also right-click any portfolio and select ‘Connect to Brokerage Account’. Both methods are shown below. Note that brokerage integration is not available in the mobile interface; you must be logged on to the desktop UI to access the following actions.

Selection from the left hand grey selector menu.


Selection from the Navigation menu.


You will be presented with a window that explains the process of brokerage connection. Uncheck the ‘Show This Window Again’ box if you do not wish to see this information again.

Next, you’ll be shown the Term of Service. After accepting the terms of service, you’ll be connected to the Yodlee interface (shown below), where you’ll be able to search for your brokerage account.

Yodlee Brokerage Search

Note that some of the most common brokerage houses do not always appear at the top of the search results. Find your brokerage in the list of ‘Popular Sites’ (shown in the screenshot above) or consult our list of search terms to find the precise search terms for the most common brokerage houses.

Follow the prompts to enter your account login information. Once the connection has been verified, you will see the Brokerage Connections panel in Stock Rover with your portfolios from the linked account loaded. Below is an example of an brokerage account connection with just one portfolio:

Brokerage Connections

This panel is where you manage your brokerage connections. You can access it anytime by clicking ‘Brokerage Connect’ in the grey selector menu or by right-clicking a portfolio and clicking ‘Connect to Brokerage Account’ or ‘Manage Brokerage Connection.’ Both of these methods are shown in screenshots above.

Notice that the panel is organized into a hierarchical format, with the brokerage account at the top and its constituent portfolios below. Click on the gear icon to reveal menu options, such as ‘Refresh.’ As you hover over any individual portfolio, a gear icon appears, which can be clicked for menu options that pertain to that individual portfolio:

Gear Menu Options

Connect to Multiple Accounts

To add accounts from other brokerage houses, click ‘Add Account’ in the top left corner of the Brokerage Connections panel and repeat the process outlined in the Connect to Brokerage House section.

If you would like to connect to Interactive Brokers, we provide an alternate direct feed for this brokerage. Users that are interested in linking to Interactive Brokers should email Interactive Brokers at Be sure to include your account number, and request a Stock Rover feed.

During the trial period, users have the opportunity to connect to multiple brokerage houses. After the trial period is over, free users will only be allowed to connect to two brokerage houses.

Linking Portfolios

By default, the portfolios in your connected brokerage accounts (that is, the portfolios that appear in the Brokerage Connections panel) will be linked to a new portfolio with the legal name of the portfolio as it appears in your brokerage account. To link it to a different portfolio in Stock Rover, click the grey dropdown arrow, circled below, for a ‘Quick Portfolio Link Change’ menu.

quick link menu button

This will reveal a menu of all your Stock Rover portfolios:

quick link menu

Select the one to which you want to link your brokerage portfolio. You can also select ‘Not Linked’ if you don’t want that brokerage portfolio to be linked to a Stock Rover portfolio.

Once linked, a portfolio in Stock Rover can no longer be modified, only viewed. You can, however, edit the buy price in the event that Yodlee does not import the correct buy price. To do this, load the portfolio in the main Table, open the Portfolio Performance view, and hover over any cell in the ‘Buy Price’ column. You will see that the cell becomes editable, as illustrated below.

quick link menu

Simply enter the correct buy price and click away from the cell to save it. If you wish to modify a portfolio’s history after it has already been linked, you must temporarily unlink it, make your changes, and then re-link the portfolio using the method described above.

Note that the new portfolios that were created when you connected to your brokerage will not be deleted or removed even if you change the linking. They will remain as unlinked portfolios in your account unless you delete them.

Delete Portfolios

After linking portfolios in Stock Rover to brokerage accounts, you may have several unlinked portfolios that you no longer need. You can individually delete portfolios by right-clicking a portfolio in the Navigation panel and selecting ‘Delete.’ To delete multiple portfolios in one batch, right-click the portfolio folder and select ‘Delete Portfolios…’ as shown below.


This will open up a dialog window where you can select the portfolios you wish to delete. You will be prompted to confirm your selections before the action is complete.

Deleted portfolios cannot be restored. Deleting a linked portfolio will sever that individual link but will not affect your brokerage connection.

Remove Brokerage Account

To remove a brokerage account completely from Stock Rover, go to the Brokerage Connections panel and use the gear icon for the option to ‘Remove Account’ as shown below.

remove account

You will be prompted to confirm this action. Once you have removed an account, all Stock Rover portfolios linked to the account will remain intact, but they will no longer be linked to any brokerage and will no longer receive automatic updates.

You can reconnect to an account by following the instructions in ‘How to Connect to Your Brokerage House.’

If you want to remove a single portfolio from your brokerage but not a whole account, hover over that portfolio in the Brokerage Connections panel for a gear icon. Click the gear icon and select ‘Delete.’ You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the portfolio.

Search Terms

Use the full search terms (in bold) to find these common brokerage houses in the Yodlee interface. If you are having trouble finding your brokerage house, please contact our Support Team.

Charles Schwab


Fidelity Investments

Merrill Lynch Merrill Edge

Scottrade (FT)

T. Rowe Price

TD Ameritrade

Vanguard – Investments

Wells Fargo